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Long River Pump Sales and Service in Yarrawonga is a mobile service  for pump repairs for all makes and models of pumps and irrigation head works. 

No only do we offer pump repairs  in  Yarrawonga, other areas including, Cobram, Bundalong, Benalla, Cowara, Wangaratta, Finley and other surrounding towns

How does it work? Please contact us to arrange a convenient day/time for pump  service appointment. Looking forward to see you at your place.  Upon arrival we’ll test and fault find your pump system. As  soon as it is established  exactly what is wrong we will present  you with a recommendation of what options are there to solve  the problem and meet your expectations.  No need to worry about the cost because we supply an  upfront quote and look at options to meet different budgets. All  of the above is done for a very competitive service call charge  covering the cost of travel and time to fault find. What do we bring to your place?  An expert technician ready to help you the most  professional and most efficient manner.   A mobile pump spare parts store. We carry the most  common electric water pump spares on board as well as pump  fittings needed for installation and pipework modification. If you decide a new water  pump is needed we have got that covered in the shortest possible time. Highest quality pump service and repair work is only  possible by using the right tools and equipment. All this is on 4 wheels and just a phone call away from your  doorstep! The business itself is young, vibrant and eager to succeed.  At the same time Longriver Pumps in Yarrawonga employs people with full sets of  qualifications and long years of industry experience (some  35years +).This way you can get the best of both: most  competitive pricing but at the same time the work is done to  the highest professional level. The business is run extremely  efficiently with very low overheads. This way the savings are  passed direct to you, the valued customer. Safety is absolutely  No.1 priority. We always take a safe approach and personal  protective equipment is also part of our technician’s uniform. We are proud to be the best domestic, agriculture pumps and industrial  pumps repairer to manufacturer's specifications. You can rely  on us for water tank pump repairs, water pumps replacement  or water transfer pump repair. Precision pump works are done  in our fully equipped workshop in Bundalong,  Victoria. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit  longriverpumps.com.au for more details. Pumps in Yarrawonga Pump Repairs in Yarrawonga


We Service and Sell leading brands such as Lowara, Grundfos, Davey, Onga, Southern Cross, Kelly and Lewis, KSB, Ajax, DAB and many others. 

Our Mission

Provide soulutions to your pump and irrigation needs.

Recent Instalations

Adding a variable speed drive

Power consumption costs were high on this standard installation, To solve this issue we installed a single phase DG Flow variable speed drive to a standard single phase bore pump

Total cost of this installation was $2,200.00

Site Location, Koonoomoo

No power available

This customer had no power available, so we installed a 48 volt submersible pump down an old windmill bore. The two 250 watt panels povided enough power to supply 50 litres per min to two dams and one tank.

The total cost of this installation was $3,300.00 

Site Location, Bundalong

Fire Booster and pump

We installed a fire hydrant pump and suction/dual booster at a local training center to council and CFA requirements

Total cost of this installation was $12,500.00

Site location, Bundalong

Irrigation Pump and Filter

Our customer had issues with a growing vineyard, the issue was that the current pump system was in good working order, however could not deliver enough water, we created a ring main and installed a 2.2 kw single phase variable speed drive on another dam to deliver three times his current water supply.

Total cost was $19,800.00

Site Location, Beechworth

11 kw down to 4 kw

We replaced a 11kw irrigation pump with a 4kw vertical multistage pump, the end result was a massive 7 kw's of power saving. The customers original pump was purchased at clearing sale. We esitimated he wasted $22,000 in power over 15 years of operation.

Total cost of the job was $8,700.00

Site location, Cobram

Stolen pump replacement

Our customer rang and said his pump had been stolen, we replaced the stolen pump the same day. Why someone would go to the effort of pulling up a bore pump to steal it! The police have suspect and are waiting on him to slip up.

Total cost of replacement was $2,850.00

Site location, Bundalong

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